Megha Barnabas

Snake Charmers International





Outlier Inn

Mountaindale, Upstate New York. USA

Lenape Land

One of the first movement poems that I learned in Odissi classical Indian dance begins with ‘My body is the universe, did you know that?’ This is a question that I keep coming back to and that I explore in my performance. How do we experience our own physiology? How is that influenced by culture, history, tradition, and belief structures? How is that influenced by politics, by not having proper healthcare? What makes our flesh and blood? Are we a part of this creative process? How does technology fit in? Can we make our body anew? These are things that are as mysterious as ever. As we explore this terrain of the body through movement, sound and expression we partake in endless mystery lessons.

The movement workshop includes improvisational movement, sound, and expression workshop, drawing on Indian snake charming dance, classical Indian court dance as well as jazz, popular and folk movement styles. The workshop incorporates Yoga, breathing exercises and guided meditation.

The iteration of this workshop at the Outlier Inn was followed by an artist’s talk and a discussion about the body, expression, and health. 

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