Data Garden

Midi Sprout





Outlier Inn

Mountaindale, Upstate New York. USA

Lenape Land

This interest in nature, art and technology were expressed in everything we did, from our blog that featured artists who helped trees draw by attaching pens to their branches, to free outdoor music and arts festivals we produced that got thousands of people out into nature.

The success of these events led us to be invited to create an experience at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. But what would it be? What would we do? How could we bring all of our interests into something that was a true expression of Data Garden?

The answer was plant music and it came in the form of an installation we called Data Garden Quartet. We were inspired by biofeedback pioneers like FBI interrogator, Cleve Backster, who in the 1970s connected plants to lie detectors to see if they displayed emotional sensitivity. Musically, we were inspired by generative music pioneer, Brian Eno, who created algorithmic processes for the creation of relaxing ambient music. Works by biofeedback artists such as Richard Lowenberg showed us that it was all possible.

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