Ontopo is an on-going series of performative and participatory projects based on collective creative exchange. With a multi-faceted embrace of visual, culinary, design, sound, architectural, healing and performance arts, Ontopo reimagines the relationship between creating and consuming, author and audience in the age of accelerated production. At the project’s core is the gathering of participants in dynamic regional locations that range from lush rainforests to Buddhist monasteries. Each unique environment holds the promise of catalyzing a freedom from familiar constraints and self consciousness, allowing for more present participation.

Feature artwork by David Brandon Geeting from our 2018 retreat in Tulum.

To ONTOPO is to construct & deconstruct sonic ceremonies and improvise new methods for interfacing the earth. This video is a recap of our 2015 program at the Outlier Inn, a recording studio located near the town of Woodridge in Upstate New York. Soundtrack by Alex Drewchin aka Eartheater, Shelley Burgon and Kamau Patton. Photos and video by Jayne Lies, Monica Kapoor and Lisa Nguyen