Xioajue Hu
Focusing (2018)
Tulum, Pueblo,
Quintana Roo, Mexico

Participants engage in one-on-one focusing sessions, where one person (the focuser) is guided in a process by the other (the companion) to connect with an inner felt sense of a particular situation or with whatever arises within the body that wants to be felt in the moment. As the companion holds space, the focuser allows herself to stay present with the part of herself that emerges as it evolves, staying open to the possibility of fresh insights and emotional movement. This psychotherapeutic technique facilitates the development of a compassionate, non-judgmental presence for all the different parts within oneself that may appear, including the parts that may have stayed hidden from the mind but are remembered by the body. Like meditation with a partner, focusers can take turns keeping other company for these sessions of psychic spelunking, exploring inner landscapes that are ever changing and wishing to grow.