MJ Caselden
Magnetic Sound Bath (2016)
Catskill Zen Do,
Mamakating, NY

A live music work performed inside of the temple using an instrument designed and built by the artist that uses magnetic energy to induce vibrations in metal and wood. A sound bath creates a temporary break from the sensory stimuli of an active life, allowing listeners space with their thoughts and time to inspect their own internal mental narrative. Because of this, the experience is sometimes compared to other meditation techniques such as sensory deprivation therapy.

Many participants claim pronounced relaxation and reduction in anxiety both during and after the experience. It is not uncommon for participants to drift into hypnagogia, states of consciousness between awake and asleep. Some even engage in focused breathing exercises, incorporating techniques drawn from traditional meditation practices.

During the session, the sounds move around space, encompassing the listeners in a combination of slow, rhythmic soundwaves.