The Explicit Life of Plants: organized by Jon Santos with resident monk Sunim Bosung & visiting artists Melanie Dizon (Puerto Maldonado, Peru), MIho Aoki (Big Island of Hawaii), Kamau Patton (SAIC), Logan Takahashi (Ghostly), Sayler/Morris (Canary Project), Monika Heidemann (DFA), Cici Wu (47 Canal), Xiaofei Mo (The Room of Spirit and Time) and Kerry Clarkson (Taka).

The weekend is a portable open-studio of sorts where participating artists and visitors open a circle for music, video / installation, film screening, performance, ceremony, workshops, talks and more. You can see some past programs here. We will sleep in the temple on tatami mats. We will eat kimchee, basic Korean temple food and rice. Alcohol is not permitted and please keep in mind we will be on temple grounds but that has not prevented us from having an incredible time here many times before. Bring an open mind, bug spray, flash light, cash (for temple tip and any extra supplies) sleeping bag and pillow.