ONTOPO is an ongoing series of site-specific retreats. We are currently planning programs for the following locations: Upstate New York (Zen Do, Mamakating & Outlier Inn), Tulum Quintana Roo, Mexico (Hartwood), San Luis Valley, Colorado (Mestas Ranch).


Now accepting proposals for performance and workshops for 2017 and 2018 for upstate NY (The San Luis Valley, Catskill Zen do and Mamakating). Use our contact form or email info (at)ontopo.net


Ontopo is a roving project by Jon Santos based on collective creative exchange in the form of site-specific retreats. With a multi faceted embrace of visual, culinary, design, music, architecture, healing and performance arts, Ontopo reimagines the relationship between creating and consuming, author and audience in the age of accelerated production. At the project’s core is the gathering of participants in dynamic regional locations that range from lush rainforests to Buddhist monasteries. Each unique environment holds the promise of catalyzing a freedom from familiar constraints and self consciousness, allowing for more present participation.




The core of Ontopo is the willingness to experiment and the collective energy of contributing artists.


Ontopo: TULUM 2017

Rich Awn: Archaic Fermentation

Katerina Llanes: Atonement Prayer

Matthew Curry: Sound Studies

Bitu Cao Minh: Mediation as Meditation


Ontopo Pod: Magick City 2016

Giza (Jasmine Pasquill & Keetin Mayakara): Live Performance

Juri Onuki: Movement

Alexis Georgopolus: Cosmic

Abby Echiverri: Jackin’ House

Jewels of New York: Cider & Pie

Mombucha: Kombucha


Ontopo: Catskills Zen Do 2016

Moo Ah (“Lady Monk”): group meditation

Eden Batki: Weedeater (film)

Hellyn Tang: ə’mit

MJ Caselden: Sound Bath

Todd Sines: Synesthesia, Biofeedback and Zen States

Kamau Patton: Sound-based Work

Rich Awn: Mombucha

Nancy H. Kim & Nathan Gilbert: Field recording auditory space


Ontopo: Tulum 2016

Extra Terrestrial Projects: Origin of Sky, Xlahpak temple

Shu Hung & Joe Magliaro: Sho-Do Drawing

Riki Bryan: Movement as Medicine

Huy Bui: Sand Pyramid Building

Rich Awn: Archaic Fermentation Revival

Gian Kamal: Ritual healing



Ontopo: Outlier Inn 2015

Kamau Patton: Acoustic Ecology

Daniel Perlin: Listening Closely

Luke Simon: Breathwork & Healing

The Jewels of New York: Bannock Bread

Huy Bui: Solar Light

Anne Apparu-Hall: Seed Ball

Ambika Conroy: How to Animal Farm

Josh Druckman: Group Song Making

Paul Jacobsen: Tiny House Raising

Sharon Dang: Screen Printing and Beads

Extra Terrestrial Projects: Invasive Plant Harvest

James Kendi: Kubb

Shelley Burgon: Sound Chandeliers

Megha Barnabas: Movement Workshop

S10 Training: Forest Boot Camp

Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance),

Nelleke McCowan, Jon Santos: DJ set

Erik Meier: Bird Courage

Alexandra Drewchin: Eartheater Performance

Data Garden: Midi Sprout

Mombucha: Kombucha

Alice Schavoir: Sound Canopy

Seytenes: Sound Bath

Morgan Yakus: Group Hypnosis and Tonic Bar


Ontopo is an evolution of a previous retreat project founded by Jon Santos and Peter Coffin that ran from 2012-2014 called "The Last Weekend".


The Last Weekend 2014 (Organized by Ken Farmer & Peter Coffin)

Josh Druckman: Dinner DJ

Peter Burr: Live Projections

Danny Wild: Live Projections

Brian Perisco & Pat Kim: Treen Dreams

Helen Levi: Sculpey over an Open Fire

Sophie Traub: Experimenting in Embodied Phenomenology

Prince Rama: DJ set

Autumn Costner: Autumn Equinox Fire Ceremony

Chiaozza: Paper Plants

Debbie Attias: Dancorcism!

Stewart Thorndike: Lyle (film)

Maryanne Moodie: Communal Loom

Diamond Terrifier: Live Performance

Deep Trouble: DJ Set

Brian Chase & Angus Tarnawsky: Live Performance

Nymph: Live Performance

Jon Dieringer: Camp Horror Film Program

Luke Simon: Breathwork Healing

Ted Schumaker: Club Ted!

Data Garden

Patrick Higgins: Nomadic Music Performance


Hamilton Fish & Rachel Mason

Johnny Fogg: Baisao Tea Room

Anne Apparu & Abby Paloma: Seed Bombing

Jeff Snyder: Instrument Making

Arley Marks: Creative Cocktails

Maia Ruth Lee & Aine Vonnegut: Ceramics Workshop

Chen Chen & Kai Williams: Knife Making

Linnea Vedder: Prana Energy Plant Yoga

Canyon Castator: Drink & Draw

Damian Abrams: Mushroom Foraging

Jon Santos: DJ Set

Andrew & Peter Sutherland: Artchery

Ambika Conroy: Angora Demo

Shabd Simon-Alexander: Tie Dye Workshop


The Last Weekend 2013 (Organized by Jon Santos & Peter Coffin)

Sabrina Artel: Trailer Talk

House of Ninja/Willi Ninja: Vogueing Workshop

Damian Abrams: Mushroom Foraging

Nanse Kawashima: Mask Making

Kalim Armstrong & Stephanie Tran: 5k Run For Your Life

Anne Apparu: Chef

Abby Paloma: Chef

Phi Thi Thach: Live Performance

Jon Santos: DJ Set

Hisham Bharoocha: DJ Set

Patrick Russell: DJ Set

Bryan Kasenic: DJ Set

Safety Scissors: DJ Set

Jonas Reinhardt: Live Performance

Greg Fox & Alex Drewchin:  Live Performance

Hiro Kone: Live Performance

Lisa Levine: Breathwork Healing

HB Collaborative: Guerilla Design/Build Workshop

Kiki Kudo: Flowing Somen Party

Jewels of New York: Bannock Campfire Bread

Maia Ruth Lee & Julie Ho: Hollywood Babylon Workshop

Caitlin Rider & Alec Coiro: A Camp Variety Show

Lauren Devine: Make Your Face Up

Heidi Lee: Origami Hat Workshop

Arielle de Pinto: Accessories Workshop

Christine Lee: Readymade No-sew Costume Workshop

Andrew Sutherland & Peter Sutherland: Artchery

Confetti System: Piñata Party

Sameer Kapoor: Cocktail Sing-a-long Hour

Ambika Conroy: Angora Demo

Matt Anderson: Fall and Winter (film)

Shabd Simon-Alexander: Tie Dye Workshop

Abby Echiverri: Synth Workout

Stephanie Loveless: Deep Listening

Jean Kuo: Dreamcatcher Making

Hannah Harpole: Yoga

WTLW (radio station)

James Kelly: Sweat Lodge

Colin Kelly: Star Gazing Party


The Last Weekend 2012 (Organized by Jon Santos & Peter Coffin)

New York Heartwoods: Reading the Forest

James Kendi & Jeff Kinkle: Mine to Kill (film)

Sam Falls: Cyanotypes

Preston & ginger: Fire Roasted Late Summer Stew

HB Collaborative & Jon Santos: Burning Dome

The Jewels of New York: Three Sisters Indian Tacos

Matt Clark & Peter Sutherland: Archery

Kiki Kudo: Flowing Somen Party

Alexandra Drewchin/Eartheater: Live Performance

Mike Wexler: Live Performance

Byron Westbrook: Live Performance

Koen Holtkamp: Live Performance

David First: Live Performance

Shelley Burgon/Rowan: Live Performance


Suzan Polat: Dance Performance

Natalie Taylor: Dance Performance

Phi Thi Thach: Live Performance

La Big Vic: Live Performance

Bird Courage: Live Performance

Sean McMahon and Griffin McMahon: Live Performance

Railbird: Live Performance

Confetti System: Scavenger Hunt

Tucker Schwarz: Pig Roast

Sameer Kapoor: Sing-a-long Brunch

Brown & Jackson: The Snack Shack

Freemans Sporting Club: Design/Build Competition

Shabd Simon-Alexander: Tie Dye Workshop

The Great Belghazi: Fortune Telling

New York Heartwoods: Reading the Forest

Lisa Levine: Healing Breathwork

Hiko Konami: Rhythm & Voice Movement Workshop

Confetti System: Piñata Party

Maia Ruth Lee: CKTV

Natalie Taylor: Gyrokinesis





240 Grand Street No 2F New York, NY 10002 .  info@ontopo.net


JUNE 23-26, 2017