We have a hard time trying to summarize an event with a recap video. It doesn’t really do the experience any justice, especially if you weren’t there. But here goes:

[vimeo 134910630]

July 2015 Upstate New York: Kamau Patton: Acoustic Ecology. Daniel Perlin: Listening Closely. Luke Simon: Breathwork & Healing. The Jewels of New York: Bannock Bread. Huy Bui: Solar Light. Anne Apparu-Hall : Seed Ball. Ambika Conroy: How to Animal Farm. Josh Druckman: Group Song Making. Paul Jacobsen: Tiny House Raising. Sharon Dang: Screen Printing and Beads. Tara Mei Smith Extra Terrestrial Projects: Invasive Plant Harvest. James Kendi: Kubb. Shelley Burgon: Sound Chandeliers. Megha Barnabas: Movement Workshop. S10 Training: Forest Boot Camp. Dance Party: Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance Nelleke McCowan Jon Santos. Erik Meier: Bird Courage. Alexandra Drewchin: Eartheater Performance. Data Garden: Midi Sprout. Mombucha Kombucha Explained. Alice Schavoir: Sound Canopy. Seytenes: Sound Bath. Morgan Yakus: Group Hypnosis and Tonic Bar. Food by Anne Apparu-Hall, Ted Hall, Lovely Day & Ni Japanese Deli