Alexandra Drewchin is a New York based musician and artist who seeks on a daily basis to upgrade her mental software. Also known for her shamanic performances fronting Guardian Alien, Eartheater is Drewchin’s unshackled solo vessel, a deliberate distillation of voice, synths, guitar, and electronic production techniques into short-form compositions teeming with crystalline details. Debut full-length Metalepsis expertly boils these vivid emissions down to tape. Live, their spirits are free to roam.

Possessed of a free-associative structure spiked with experimentations with the drone, ambient, and noise traditions, Metalepsis unfolds as a singular curatorial effort with Drewchin’s voice and guitar as its gleaming focal points. Eartheater is Drewchin’s personal evolution: as a musical process at once tethered to advancing technologies and to the flashes of humanity that escape between the circuits.

Eartheater has shared the stage with Eric Copeland, Pictureplane, Excepter, DJ Dog Dick, Dope Body, Gobby, Martin Bisi, Mt Eerie, Profligate, Long Distance Poison, Teengirl Fantasy, Holly Waxwing, Hexbreaker Quartet, and more.

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