Atsushi Numata started in NYC as as an antique restorer as well as wood finisher forRalph Lauren, RRL, Armani home and various private residences. He went on to work as chief chef at Samurai Mama in Williamsburg rising to be executive chef at General Green, Brooklyn. He established “Ni” with his wife, Saori Numata, a certified sake specialist who curated various sake list for the Maritime hotel where she also worked as a beverage director in 2002-2008, “Ni” a Japanese deli at Essex market.
Started in 2012 as a Japanese ready to eat take outs stall as a part of historical Essex retail market in Lower East side, as well as made by order food such as noodles, sushi and rice balls. The shop was run by wife, Saori Numata and husband, Atsushi Numata base with a few employees.