Luke Simon is a Brooklyn based healer offering Breathwork and Reiki Healing as well as spiritual counseling through card reading. He uses his intuition to lead clients to address their blocks & reconnect them to  the Love that heals gritty feelings of separation.

In Brooklyn he co-founded the Maha Rose Healing Center with Lisa Levine and works today as events programmer sharing the center’s vision to create a more joyful NYC.

Luke’s intention in his healing work and art is to bring love & beauty from the soul into the physical world. Love connects everything and is the strongest force in the Universe, let’s get into it.


About Breathwork:

Breathwork is a steady, rhythmic breathing pattern done lying down which moves you from the thinking mind into your body and feelings. The increased oxygenation activates your energy body and emotions that are held just below the surface, allowing a cathartic release and connection to Spirit to flow through and do the healing.

What is blocking you from Love? Breathwork clears out blocks that inhibit the flow of Universal Love. This work is deeply transformational and works to address the core imbalances rather then the symptoms.  Learn this breath and make a commitment to get to know yourself, your energy and to love your self. It will blossom your life. If you’ve been waiting to be the highest version of you possible, this work will assist you in clearing, strengthening, and loving your own Spirit.

Luke will hold space for you to go deep inside in this active meditation. He uses essential oils, sage, palo santo, reiki and intuitive body work to help shift your energy. Using his intuitive awareness, Luke will guide you and share insights and messages that come through. A cosmic & evocative soundtrack will guide your inner journey.